The Hedingham Prayer

The Hedingham Baptist Church Prayer

Almighty God

We approach the throne of grace...

Father of miracles and the impossible

Giver of boundless grace

You have won our hearts and we adore You


Son of Man

We look to God...

We acknowledge You as the lighthouse in the darkness of our hearts

You are the source of all comfort and of all that is good and holy

May all distractions fade away and our minds and will be surrendered to Yours


Holy Spirit

We call upon Your name...

You are all powerful, all seeing, all knowing, all loving

The heavens cannot contain You

You are our everything


Loving Father

We seek God...

We come before you now and lay our lives at your feet

To seek Your perfect will and know what’s in Your heart

Guide our hearts and thoughts to be aligned with Yours


Ever-present Friend

We seek Your face...

As we seek out our heavenly Father

We see Your perfect love shining down on us

And we have but one response – to worship You




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