Margaret Bidulph


There are women in the Roma village in Tileagd who are now spinners and another group are felt makers.  In a short time we may be dyers with natural vegetable dyes and makers of necklaces and bracelets.  I am not sure about the weaving of our own wool but we will soon have our own hand loom up and running again after the winter.  We will be producing woven material from recycled wool and this will be the resource for a new bag design.


A sack of Jacob sheep fleece came on the plane with me but we have located a possible source here in Tileagd.  The son of a local sheep owner with hundreds of sheep has his own little flock of 13 sheep.  He will be shearing them in May.  In the meantime Angi’s Aunt has sold us some fleece intended to stuff sofas.  She washed it in the river many years ago and then a factory brushed it.  The fibres are not very long but I think it will work.  I am nervous because we cannot produce spun wool very quickly on our simple spinners, the whole area of dying is an unknown and we cannot know if the project is viable until we have a finished product and can sell it.  Everything is new to us.


However I do have our first skein sitting in my sitting room waiting to be added to next week!


Thank you everyone who has helped and encouraged us.

As I write this I am looking out onto snow.  After an almost - Spring time with potato planting by my neighbours and gardening for me we had a sudden very cold patch.  For the first time in all the time I have been in Romania I was unprepared.  All my wood was in the barn and the kindling at my door was covered in snow.  I hadn’t covered up the car so the doors and locks were frozen up. Even the lock of the gate was frozen.  I didn’t get to the village until afternoon with the salaries.


A week has passed and we are into another cold patch. 


I have seen the first celandine.


Another new idea, another first, is Violeta’s brainchild.  We found 4 new, cotton T shirts on a trawl around Tileagd on market day.  We will ask Aurica to embroider a small motif at the neck.  I think this could work.


Hezekiah wrote about his experiences in Isaiah 38 and it seems quite appropriate!  “My life is but half done and I must leave it all…..My life is blown away like a shepherd’s tent; it is cut short as when a weaver stops working at the loom.  In one short day my life hangs by a thread.”  BUT THE LORD SAVED HEZEKIAH OUT OF ALL HIS PROBLEMS BECAUSE HE CALLED UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD  We can do the same and have a life a bit more secure than a weak and poorly spun thread!


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