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Danny & Jill Moores are active supporters of the White Flower Charity in Belarus. White Flower is Christian based charity run by Nicoli Balbutski, a great friend of Danny. The charity is partnered by The Belarus Fund (Charity number 1116762). White Flower supports orphan victims of Chernobyl, an abandoned babies home at Borisov, a school for the blind and a deaf society at Molodechno and a variety of projects involving livestock and including sponsorship schemes for Babushka’s (grandma’s) and Dedushka’s (grandad’s).



 The above picture shows Danny and Nicoli with “Old” Anna (the oldest inhabitant of her village).




The work of White Flower includes making sure members of the older generation are able to keep warm during the harsh winter months.





Here is a “before” picture of Anna’s kitchen. It is hoped that the kitchen will be transformed in the near future.


Sadly we have to report that Anna has passed away. The funding that was to have helped Anna will now be allocated to help other older people with winter fuel and home improvements.


The children were especially fond of “Old” Anna and she will be sorely missed by them.




And now we have another Anna


Anna & Andrej Paviovski


Anna is a pensioner born on 25thAugust, 1942. She worked as a seamstress and embroiderer. Her first husband died many years ago and she remarried when her son Andrej was 12 years old. Her second husband has since died and his son and family have moved far away. Anna is a diabetic, has high blood pressure and heart arrhythmia. Anna tells us that she has put on a lot of weight since her son Andrej’s accident. She is concerned about the future and financially they are struggling on her pension because Andrej can no longer work. Anna is a devout Christian.


Andrej is 26 years old and was born on 5thJanuary 1984. He worked in a big truck factory repairing the equipment. Just over a year ago Andrej was involved in a street fight, he was stabbed in the spine and his spine was severed. As a result of this he was left paralysed and the professor at the medical centre has said there is little hope. As is the custom in Belarus, Andrej was discharged from hospital to his mothers care. He was carried up to their 3rdfloor apartment (there is no lift), placed on a makeshift bed and has not moved from there in more than a year.

Anna & her son Andrej


At first Andrej was extremely angry and “hated the world” but now he thinks differently. His mum, Anna and her local Pentecostal Church, pray for Andrej and he has now given his life to the Lord. He and his mum study the bible together and his new friends from the church visit and support hi. He now writes poetry. He is not into football but prefers spiritual food. He has since regained a little movement in one arm but now has eye and nose problems and feels he is losing his sight.


Andrej has been given a manual wheelchair but cannot use it because he cannot sit up. He has 2 dreams, one to go outside in the fresh air. His friends from church have offered to stretcher him but he is afraid of the steep stairs. He also dreams to have a shower.


His mum cares for him brilliantly and he has no bed sores. Mum tells us this is because she washes him twice a day in vodka. There were many holes in the mattress he was sleeping on and the charity has paid for a gel compressor mattress to be delivered shortly.


Ann gets very bad headaches due to her high blood pressure. One day Andrej asked her to bend over him and he laid his hand on her head. She felt incredible warmth flowing from his hand and when he prayed in tongues for her, the headache went.


This little family is now part of the charity support scheme. Thank you for your support for this family.




We have some very good news about Andrej who was paralysed as result of being stabbed in the spine. He is regaining movement and feeling in his arms and hands. The photograph above shows Andrej with Alan, a member of the Belarus Fund who partner White Flower in their work. We all pray that this progress will continue and that Andrej regains further movement and feeling in his limbs.

The "Reach WorshipBand" are pleased to sponsor Andrej and Anna.

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