The Building

With the discovery of a corner of our unused balcony becoming detached from the North Wall oak uprights in March 2006 we instructed a structural engineer who confirmed that our 200 year old timber framed building was in need of substantial repair to both its North and South walls. Initial estimates revealed that the cost would be in the region of £30000.


Following inspection of the timber frame, which necessitated removal of the parts of the exterior render covering, we instructed Glen Farrow a local specialist in timber frame building repair to carry out the repairs which were split into two stages. The South wall was considered to be the one in most urgent need of repair and following a tremendous fundraising effort from the Church fellowship repairs commenced in July 2008. The South wall repairs were completed in the autumn of that year.

As part of these repairs we were also able to lower our driveway entrance wall which for some time had been causing us safety worries when exiting the Church premises on to the major road. Reducing the height of the wall has considerably eased the problems encountered and significantly improved safety for all those who come to the Church.

At that time we also applied for a grant towards the cost of the repairs to the North wall from the Friends of Essex Churches Trust and were extremely grateful when they agreed to provide almost 50% (£9000) of the cost. This enabled us to request Glen Farrow to commence work on the North wall and it was placed in his work schedule for the summer of 2009. Work actually commenced almost exactly one year after the start of the repairs to the South wall.


Completion of the North wall repairs was in the Autumn of 2009 and a re-dedication service was held at the Church in celebration. The total costs for the work were far more than originally anticipated and eventually reached just over £50000. We praise the Lord for His looking after this project and bringing it to a successful conclusion.

We have also replaced our ageing heating boilers both in the Church and the Manse with new, and much more efficient, combi-boilers. With the help of being one of twio Eastern Baptist Association Churches of the Year for 2009/10 this was acheived without too much strain on our resources although we did have to dip into our reserves. A false suspended ceiling has also been installed to add to our comfort levels which has meant that the heat does not now disappear into the high roof void. We were certainly much warmer during the cold spells of winter 2010/2011. 


 A new notice board now welcomes people in and this last item completes our missioon strategy requirements some five years after the goals were set.

We now look forward to new challenges that the Lord has in store for us.

  In all of the above we must acknowledge the work of our Lord. Please praise Him with us for He is good. Without prayer and His involvement in the whole process we feel certain that we would not be as near as we are to completion of what has been a very big project for a relatively small country church. We look forward to His leading us forward into further community involvement

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